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This is what I wrote when I got mad at the way my family was… - Razorblade Angel [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Nov. 13th, 2006|02:27 pm]
Razorblade Angel
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This is what I wrote when I got mad at the way my family was treating me one day. Hope you guys like it.

Child of Love, Woman of Hate

I was created and born
Raised in a family of love
What I never knew
Was that lvoe had abuse hidden in it's womb.
Now I'm a woman
I've grown up so much,
I see the world for what it is
And see that underlying abuse that I once thought was love.
It was love until they found out
Who I was inside,
They don't care-not anymore
I've not met their expectations.
I will never be what they wanted me to be
That child of love has withered and died,
All because their love turned to hate
All from the rage they feel towards me.
I'm so sorry I couldn't be
All that you ever wanted me to be,
But I'm not ashamed of who I am
I'm not regretful of who I love.
Do you see me now?
Am I all that you wanted?
Tell me now who am I
Who is this woman of hate?
I am that lost child of love
I am that newfound woman of hate,
I will never be what is expected of me
I can never go back to the world I once knew.
Take a look at me
Tell me what you think of me,
Will I meet your expectations now?
Or will I be left to burn in my life of loving sin?
Tell me now my dearest ones
Will you turn away from me?
Yeah I guess you will
Because the child of love has gone to make room for the woman of hate.

I'm dead to you now,
I'm broken inside,
How do you like me now?