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This is a poem that I wrote for the love of my life and for anyone… - Razorblade Angel [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Nov. 9th, 2006|01:02 pm]
Razorblade Angel
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This is a poem that I wrote for the love of my life and for anyone else out there that can relate.

Whisper of Despair

I am a lesbian
Apparently that is a bad thing
There are whispers about me among my family
Despair as to what I have become
I was born this way
I can't help who I am
This is the person I was meant to be
Now they want to condemn for the way I was born to be
Yes I love another woman
No I do not deny it
Yes I do display my love and affection
No I do not consider myself to be a sinner
I am who I am
Nothing can change that
Can't you just love me for me
Is that too hard to ask?
You are ashamed of me
You are ashamed of the life I lead
What is so wrong with my love affair
What is so vulgar about me?
They will never see
Just how much she means to me
They despair over everything I love about my life
They whisper their disapproval behind my back when they think I don't hear
She is my world
She is the one that I love
I was born to love my own gender
If the Lord didn't create this I wouldn't be what I am
Do not pray for me
Do not pray for my sins
I do not believe I am sinning
I know who and what I am
All I want is to be loved
To be understood and accepted by the ones I once called my family
Is that so much to ask
To just be loved despite the fact I am a lesbian?

Yeah I guess it is
Since all you do is whisper your despair to one another.

You make me sick, they say
You make me want to disown you, their body language says
Then I have just one thing to say about your pitiful whispers of despair-

Why don't you do it then?


[User Picture]From: lenatheraven
2006-11-10 03:04 am (UTC)
um, you added me to your friends page...just wondering why. Oh, btw, Hello.
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