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This poem is for anyone out there that is made fun of because of… - Razorblade Angel [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Nov. 7th, 2006|01:48 pm]
Razorblade Angel
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This poem is for anyone out there that is made fun of because of who they love.

Pain of Difference

Being different
In a world where everyone is supposed to be the same,
Walking in the world of the normal
With a heart that beats for the not so normal.
My heart beats for one person
She is the same as me,
That is considered wrong
In our nice little society.
Because we are both the same gender
We are not meant to be,
Nobody can see past their own insecurities
To simply leave us alone with our love.
They beat us down and try to break us
But they will never see,
That despite all they do
We will always be meant to be.
Love is genderless
It always has been,
But now all of a sudden
It's considered to be a sin.
Let me live my sin
Let me be the one to be different,
Don't try to help me
Don't try to pray for my forsaken soul.
The pain of difference
Just because we are the same,
We are made to be laughing stocks
To be made examples of.
They just don't understand
They let their fear hold them to this,
We are the same as everyone else
But nobody seems to remember that.
It's a pain to be different
Just because people forget,
We are all the children of our higher power
We all are the same in Their eyes.
Let us live our sin
Without the pain of being hurt,
We are the same as everyone else in this universe
We just happen to bear the pain of difference.